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CBD Edibles: A Tasty Way to Relax. When we think of a snack, we think of something that can be whipped up in a jiffy, and satisfy the tastebuds. Imagine, if you could have a snack that was low on calories, tasty and something that can put you in a great mood. Read on and introduce yourself to probably your new bestie at snack time.

The year 2018 recorded 88% of all posts on social media about CBD in the positive category. Most of these were from millennials. Needless to say, CBD is popular among the young generation today. However, it would not work at all if it were not tasty.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that can be obtained from the cannabis plant. Most often it is helpful in relaxing and unwinding. 

Is CBD Legal?

Yes, CBD is completely legal in the US and in most countries around the World. CBD products are completely free from THC which is the substance that causes the characteristic high when it is consumed. This is one of the main reasons that CBD is considered safe for consumption and is so freely available.

How Can CBD Snack Be Beneficial?

CBD snacks can be greatly beneficial to consumers. Some of the reasons for the same are listed below:

  • They are completely natural

Most CBD nibbles are completely natural and most of them are made with no artificial colouring. According to a recent study, a third of the millennials read the ingredients that make up their CBD nibbles carefully. Hence companies are motivated to make better products as well.

  • They are healthy

Who could say no to a snack that is low in calories, and helps you relax as well? We all want to maintain a healthy diet, despite the occasional treats we give ourselves. It is hence extremely important that we consider the foods we snack on as well. CBD nibbles are the perfect solution. However, there are many CBD nibbles in the market and it is important that we choose only those products that contain the right dosage of CBD without sacrificing nutrition.

  • They are portable

Small CBD packages can easily be carried around. They also have a longer shelf life than most other snacks which makes them a great product for bulk purchases.

They are also easy to carry on flights, however, there might be a few countries where they are considered contraband so it would be best to check with your airlines before you carry them.

  • They are tasty

CBD has a distinctive taste that might not always go well with everyone. Most companies try to mask this with a strong flavour that might completely overpower the flavour of CBD, like ginger or rose. There are some however that try to work with flavours that are complementary to CBD.

It is good to go for a safe flavour if you are a beginner, like mint or something sweet. Combination flavours like papaya-pineapple and watermelon-lemonade work well too.

  • They can help you to calm down

If you are someone who feels the nerves pretty often, it is a good thing to invest in a few high-quality CBD nibbles. Since only a few of them are enough to make you feel a lot better about yourself, it is great to have something that will help you feel less stressed or pressured.

Not only do they work as a snack, but they also help you when you are feeling anxious.

Types Of CBD Snacks Available In The Market

Something that is imperative about all snacks is that they should all be easy to consume. We all need a snack from time to time but we do not always have the opportunity to sit back, relax and have a comforting snack. It usually is something that has to be done on the go. Here are a few CBD snacks that you can pop into your mouth, anytime, anywhere:

CBD Gummies

The soft, chewy, fruity flavour of gummies is something that appeals to children and adults alike. 

With a host of options from broad spectrum CBD products to endless options among flavours, CBD gummies are sure to have you spoilt for choice.

CBD Honey Sticks

Uplift your regular afternoon tea with a few dabs of CBD honey sticks or slurp on one between work breaks. CBD honey sticks are your best option for an on-the-go CBD snack.

CBD Popcorn

Choose between butter, caramel, plain salted or the list of endless flavours of CBD popcorn, or add a few dashes of CBD oil to regular popcorn. Either way, you are set for the best movie night of your life. Make sure to make a big batch if you are inviting friends over.

CBD Cookies

A tiny dash of CBD to your regular cookie batter did no harm to anyone. You could also do that with a big batch of brownies. Or if you’re in a rush, CBD cookies are easily available at the market. Easy to carry, and something that can never be denied, what more could you ask for in a snack?

CBD Chocolate

Soothe those chocolate cravings with a gooey chocolate that will calm your nerves and make you feel uplifted. Or you could make your own at home using high-quality chocolate with a dash of CBD oil.

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of the product you choose, CBD can be your go-to product if you learn how to use it right.

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