Using CBD for Back Pain – Tim’s Success Story


As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights. Thing is, I also have a back injury, which complicates matters. After little success with other medications, I’m now successfully using CBD for back pain.

Here’s how it happened…

Before we get to how I’m using CBD for back pain, i’ll quickly explain how the injury happened. It was a usual “pull day” at the gym, which meant heavy deadlifts were the order of the day. For those that don’t know, a deadlift requires lifting a heavy object off the ground. It’s a lift that requires strict form and careful preparation – something I didn’t pay enough attention to on this particular day – oops!

There I was, mid lift, when a massive pop echoes throughout the gym! Yes, that disgusting sound came from my lower back, which I later found out to be a bulging disc. Unfortunately, this back injury made it very hard to complete the same workouts that I once could. It meant removing all heavy lifts from my routine, which was something that was hard to take.

Is there a solution?!?!

To be honest with you, at this point I felt dejected. After years of getting stronger and improving my physique, to watch the gains fade away was disheartening. One thing was certain – I needed to get lifting again!

I decided to try pain killers, in hopes that they would relieve some of the discomfort. I have to admit that the painkillers were some-what working. I started going to the gym again; only lifting light weights mind you. However, these drugs also caused a few negative side effects, mainly fatigue and fogginess. To be honest, it was a bit of a dilemma. I loved that I was frequently the gym again, but I hated that I was relying on drugs that gave negative side effects. It just wasn’t worth it.

CBD for back pain – The solution?

With the rise in CBD popularity, curiosity got the better of me. I started researching into the pain-relieving properties of cannabidiol. While early studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBD on certain conditions, most of my time was initially spent looking through the overwhelming amount of anecdotal reports.

With little information to go on, it was hard to know how much CBD to take initially, but I decided to start out with 5mg a day. As the weeks followed, I noticed a small effect, but I think this may have largely been placebo. If I’m honest, I was quite let-down with the results. After researching on /r/CBD, I realized that the dose I was taking was likely far too low for my requirements. To use effectively use CBD for my back pain I needed to up the dosage.

The final test – The results are in…

I decided to try a higher dose of CBD, this time in capsule form. By doing this I was able to get a higher dose of CBD for my back pain, and make no administration errors. This was my final test.

On my first day of taking 20mg CBD I managed to have a completely pain-free day. As the days rolled on things were just getting better and better.

In the weeks before trying CBD I was still frequenting the gym, I was just putting up with the inflammation.  After weeks of using the CBD capsules, I was able to experience completely pain-free gym sessions! I would still experience days of stiffness every now and then, but the CBD has helped enough to allow me to lift properly again, and that’s all that matters! With that said, I still stay away from deadlifts and heavy squats.

Even more gains?

Injury woes aside, I’m always looking for new ways to take my physique to the next level. As all natural bodybuilders will know, the first few years of weightlifting is where the majority of muscle is built. However, progress after the “newb gain” phase can be extremely tiresome.

So, the CBD is stopping my back from hurting, but is it allowing me to see even more gains? Well, yes…

CBD’s effects on anxiety are well-documented, but as someone who doesn’t suffer from the condition, I didn’t think CBD would have such an effect on my mood. It’s hard to describe, but after taking CBD I feel sense of calm, which is ideal for those times when my mind is racing at 280mph.

HOW does CBD target back pain?

So, HOW is this CBD helping with my back pain? Well, it’s mainly to do with the endocannabinoid system inside each and every one of us. This system works in harmony with other bodily systems, and is activated by cannabinoids, like CBD.  By ensuring proper function of the ECS, we are positively affecting how our bodies deal with pain, inflammation, immune function, and more.

One of CBD’s most well-known properties is the anti-inflammatory properties. As you can imagine, lifting heavy objects for multiple hours causes inflammation in muscles and joints throughout the whole body. By taking CBD for back pain, whether that’s topically or sublingually, you can reduce inflammation. This study showed that topical CBD application has therapeutic potential for pain-relief of behaviors and inflammation, without evident side-effects.

The products I’m currently using:

Endoca CBD Oil Capsules

As you should have read above, I prefer to use capsules to get my daily dose of CBD. Allowing for consistent results, I take two of these 10mg capsules everyday. With a consistent 10mg of CBD in every capsule, I find these capsules act as a great foundation in managing my back pain.

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Receptra Targeted Topical – 2oz

Many scientific studies are proving that CB1 receptors located throughout our nervous system are also found directly underneath our skin. I spread this topical CBD over my body, making sure to be generous over my back and other areas. Sometimes I get elbow pain, so I’ll just massage some of the body spread around the elbow joint after my post-workout shower. Oh, and it makes my skin feel super-soft.

cbd topical for pain

Promo code: “CBD15” for 15% off

Final thoughts

To conclude my findings, I can recommend using CBD for back pain issues. If you have pain issues yourself, I hope by reading this article you will consider using CBD as a solution to your own pain. Have you successfully used CBD to reduce back pain? Have you found a great CBD product that is working well for you? We always love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or reach out on one of our social channels


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