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The significant fact in the battle of Hemp vs CBD for dogs is that they are extracted from the same plant but in different parts. While Hemp is only extracted from cannabis seeds, CBD oil is extracted from flowers, leaves and stems. Both Hemp and CBD oil come with a bag full of benefits such as anxiety relief, wound recovery and arthritis treatment.

Hemp vs CBD for dogs is the question we answer. Know the effects and benefits of both and choose what suits you best. We know all the details.

Introduction On Hemp vs CBD For Dogs

CBD products are gaining popularity across the globe. The natural ingredients with promising results are attracting many. Due to its benefits in humans, now it is being used for pets as well. People prefer CBD products and hemp seed oil rather than resorting to harmful chemicals and artificially formulated products.

Many people think that hemp vs CBD for dogs is the same, but that is not the case. They have a few differences. Moreover, due to the varied conditions of the pets, it is all the more important to understand the differences between the two and choose wisely.

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Difference Between Hemp And CBD For Dogs

The difference between hemp vs CBD for dogs needs to be clearly understood. Cannabidiol(CBD)is derived from the hemp plant. It is made up of hemp’s stem, leaves, and flowers. Hemp oil is derived straight from the hemp seed, and the oil has no CBD or THC.

Hemp vs CBD for dogs – Which is better to use on your pet?

The latter is said to have psychoactive elements which have intoxicating effects. CBD does not have psychoactive elements since there is less than 0.4% of THC, which does not have any major impact on the user. You can easily find out if the product you are going to use has CBD or Hemp oil. Hemp seed oil, hemp oil, or cannabis seed oil denotes the same thing. You can check the ingredients list. CBD, cannabidiol, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate all tell you that there is CBD included in the product.

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If you are thinking of using CBD for dogs, you will have to choose from the earlier mentioned ingredient list. The full-spectrum CBD includes all the compounds of hemp plants, including slight THC. This low THC generally does not intoxicate pets and benefits them. When properly digested by your dog, all the parts of hemp will give the maximum benefit.

Some people choose not to give THC to their pets, where the broad-spectrum CBD comes to help. It does not have THC and still provides a good amount of beneficial nutrients to your dog, although it is still less than the full-spectrum CBD. The isolated CBD contains only CBD, not the other necessary compounds of the hemp.

Suggestions On Hemp vs CBD For Dogs

There are many suggestions on hemp vs CBD for dogs. This is our take on the topic. People who have pet dogs generally consider using CBD for their pet’s well-being. CBD is known to help in many problems that dogs face, like pain and inflammation. There are many other benefits of CBD that humans get in depression, pain, seizures, sleeplessness, etc.

According to research, CBD can also help dogs to get relief from these problems. But hemp is different. The hemp seed is nutritious and acts as a supplement. It does not have CBD but is full of good nutrition that helps in the overall growth of your pet dog. One of the basic components of hemp seed is the Omega fatty acids which promote flexible and healthy joints, improves immunity, and benefit the cardiovascular health of the dogs.

Hemp is said to be an excellent source of Omega acids. Moreover, hemp seed has GLA or Gamma Linolenic Acid, which keeps allergic and digestive problems at bay while strengthening the skin and flexibility of the dogs. Other vitamins, protein, and minerals are all a part of hemp seed oil which is why it is a nutritious supplement for dogs.

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The easiest way to feed your dog hemp oil is by mixing it in their food. They will not create a fuss eating it in this way and can have a healthy diet. It can be directly fed into their mouths. Generally, the preferred dose of the oil is 1mg for 1 pound of the dog’s weight.

Companies specify the dose that needs to be given to the dogs. It is better to take that also into consideration. You may ask your dog’s veterinarian regarding using any new product or which brand will be better for your pet. Different dogs face different issues. Sometimes the dose also changes according to the problem. A veterinarian is the best person to give you the right suggestion.


Both hemp oil and CBD have their benefits. The dogs can be fed both for maximum benefits. However, CBD acts more like a drug by relieving them of their pain and soothing them. Hemp oil gives them nutrition and acts as a supplement. If you are trying these products for the first time, it is recommended that you try one at a time and notice your dog’s health. But these products are so packed with good compounds and nutrition that they deserve a try.

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