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CBD is used by many for reducing stress and pain, but did you know that it can also aid with fat loss? In this post, we’ll explain how that works, and why you should consider CBD oil for fat loss. We’ll also explain how to get started, and dispel any myths or apprehension you may have had regarding its use.

CBD is a substance that is rapidly gaining popularity and mainstream acceptance, but which is still surrounded with a certain amount of misunderstanding and apprehension. This is a serious shame however, when you consider that CBD is a perfectly safe, extremely healthy, and highly effective nutrient.

The confusion of course comes from the fact that CBD is related to cannabis. This immediately raises red flags for some people, who assume that it must therefore be mind-altering and potentially illegal. Fortunately, CBD is neither of those things!

What is CBD?

CBD is a substance that indeed comes from the cannabis plant. However, this is not the main active ingredient that causes a person to get “high,” which is in fact called THC. THC stands for “tetrahydrocannabinol,” and is a “crystalline compound” that provides the main active ingredient of cannabis.

CBD on the other hand is cannabidiol, and will NOT get you high. Nor is it illegal to use!

In fact, there are over 100 active “cannabinoids” in the cannabis plant, and many of them have numerous beneficial effects. CBD is actually one of the most prevalent and potent however, making up 40% of the extract from the plant.

CBD has no known side effects; it has no negative impact on psychomotor learning or other psychological functions. But evidence shows that it does do an awful lot of good – helping to combat stress, help you relax, treat pain, and even reduce epilepsy. It has been implicated in helping to manage symptoms of serious conditions like cancer, and it is being currently researched for a whole host of different alternative benefits too!

But of course what we’re interested in is CBD for fat loss!

How does CBD work?

CBD has been overlooked by the scientific community for years owing to its seemingly being less “glamorous” and exciting than THC. But while CBD is certainly less explosive, that is not to say it doesn’t have some significant and impressive benefits. CBD for fat loss being one of the most impressive of all!

So how does it work? Well, CBD is a substance that binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This is what we really mean when we say something is a “cannabinoid” and it’s where cannabis of course gets its name from.

These receptors are found in vast quantities around the central nervous system and can prevent neurons from continuously firing. The receptors together make up the endocannabinoid system, which is also sometimes known as the ECS.

So, the ECS is a network of cell receptor proteins, but what does it do? Well, scientists are still figuring all this stuff out, but what we do know is that the network plays an important role in regulating mood, facilitating memory, handling motor control, regulating immune function, helping us know when to sleep, and even controlling appetite. Of course it’s that last part that should have made your eyes prick up if you’re interested in CBD for fat loss.

CBD appears to be able to tap into this system and help it to run more efficiently, thereby putting many of our regular urges and cycles back into equilibrium: including our need to eat and to sleep.

And yes: our desire to eat.

How useful is CBD Oil for fat loss?

Here’s something really interesting that you might not realize. In people struggling with obesity or unwanted body fat, it is common for the number of CB1 receptors to increase and to become widespread throughout the body. The fatty tissue gains these receptors, almost like it was a kind of brain of its own!

Again, this is all very cutting edge science and the particulars are still being ironed out. But what research strongly suggests is that there is a link between the activation of the CB1 receptors, and obesity.

CBD does not activate the fatty tissue of CB receptors directly, but instead controls the body’s own natural cannabinoids, telling them to block off those active receptors.

But what does that all mean for you? How good is CBD for fat loss?

The great news is that this is not all just theory. Rather, it is backed by a lot of anecdotal evidence and a lot of experience. More and more people are now touting the amazing benefits of CBD oil, and it is rapidly becoming extremely popular as a weight loss tool. Here are just some of the ways that CBD for fat loss is an ideal combination:

It reduces appetite

As mentioned, the CB1 receptors help to regulate many of the body’s natural processes, and this includes regulating appetite. Things like our sleep, our appetite, our mood, our energy and more are all closely linked, and the use of CBD helps all of those cycles to find a healthy and natural balance.

This has been shown in numerous studies, including one recent 2018 study on human participants, and another animal study from 2012.

Controlling appetite is of course one of the most powerful ways to be successful when dieting. That’s because even the most effective diet is not going to help someone lose weight unless they can actually stick to it. If you are someone who battles cravings and hunger pangs, then you may find it very difficult to stick with a diet and see the changes you want to see.

By reducing appetite on the other hand, it becomes much easier for someone to resist food and only to eat within their allotted calorie allowance. This is what ultimately leads to rapid and long-term weight loss: maintaining a caloric deficit so that you are “burning” more than you are eating.

The other benefit of this is that by suppressing appetite for even the short term, it is possible to create new habits and routines. Often we eat as a force of habit – reaching for foods because they are there or because we “always” have a biscuit with our coffee. By using appetite suppressing supplements, such as CBD, it’s possible to curb this behavior for long enough to allow those neural pathways to erode.

Many people find that when they use CBD, they subsequently feel far less of an urge to eat regularly. They find it easier to stick with diets, and they often lose weight almost unconsciously without even trying. This is one of the most powerful aspects of CBD for fat loss.



Changing fat

The other benefit of CBD for fat loss is that it may be able to convert the “bad” type of fat (white fat) into the “good” type of fat (brown fat). Didn’t know there was such thing as good fat? Fat is actually an important substance for a variety of biological processes, and so we in fact want to have this beneficial kind in our bodies.

One of the many benefits of this good type of fat is that it actually increases the metabolic rate. Metabolic rate describes the rate at which the body burns fat and carbs in order to provide energy. The higher your metabolism, the more energetic you will feel, and the faster you will lose weight.

This is a crucial aspect to consider. Someone with a high metabolism will burn more fat throughout the entire day, simply as a result of maintaining their bodies. What’s more, when they exercise, the benefits will be multiplied.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people find it extremely easy to lose weight, and others never seem to shed the pounds, metabolism is the answer. It’s about the hormone balance and the rate of “burn”.

According to one 2016 study, it was found that CBD could alter the way the body interacted with fat in a variety of powerful ways. Firstly, CBD would encourage the body to convert white fat into brown fat cells. But at the same time, it also stimulated the body to break down more fats in general. In other words, it increased fat burn, while ensuring it was the right type of fat that got targeted!

In these ways, you can think of CBD as a natural “fat burner.” Unlike other products that claim to increase fat loss through thermogenesis however, CBD is able to do this in a gentle, safe, and natural fashion. There are no known side effects, and you won’t feel “wired” or anxious as you might when using stimulants.

Reduces health disorders

Another reason you should use CBD for fat loss, is that it might actually help to reduce the chance of metabolic disorders. We’ve already discussed that metabolism plays a crucial role in the amount of fat burned on any given occasion. This is why some people find it harder than others to lose fat, but it’s also why some people find it almost impossible.

Metabolic disorders include the likes of metabolic syndrome and hypothyroidism. In both these conditions, the hormone balance and thyroid hormones are skewed to the point that the metabolism slows right down. This can then lead to weight gain, but also to other problems such as low energy, acne, depression, and even seemingly unrelated problems like carpal tunnel syndrome! By staving off metabolic disorders, you can ensure you stay fit and lean, but also avoid a seriously unpleasant health condition.

There’s more good news too! CBD can also help to improve numerous other conditions related to weight gain and body fat. For instance, it was found that a treatment of CBD was able to lower total cholesterol in obese rats by 25%!

These are effects that we know are very powerful in humans and animals. In fact numerous studies have been done on the subject, and these were recently collected in a review published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.


In conclusion then, it’s safe to say that CBD is an effective tool for supporting steady weight loss. This is because it is a healthy and safe product with no side effects, and because it is able to work on numerous “fronts” to attack fat from different angles. You’ll not only burn more white fat, but you’ll also take in fewer calories thanks to a reduced appetite.

As an added bonus, CBD might also be able to support your health and mood in a number of other ways – some of which might even have positive knock on effects to support the CBD for fat loss. For example, reduced stress can help to prevent eating, seeing as we often eat for comfort! Likewise, an increase in energy means you’re more likely to head to the gym and workout.

To get started with CBD for fat loss, you simply need to find the product that works for you. CBD comes in a variety of forms including pill form, vaping, smoking, and tinctures. Which one you prefer is up to you, but you should make sure to check the bioavailability (the amount of the substance that will actually make it into your bloodstream) seeing as this varies from one form to the other. One great way to use CBD is sublingually, meaning that you’ll be taking it under the tongue. This provides rapid absorption and is an easy and convenient way to administer it.

There is no such thing as a “silver bullet” when it comes to weight loss. There is no one product that is guaranteed to help you lose weight. But CBD makes you feel better all around, and helps your body to find that healthy homeostasis that ensures steady energy levels and efficient fat loss. This is the perfect way to begin your weight loss journey and to ensure that it has a happy ending. If you haven’t already, try CBD for fat loss!



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