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Fortunately, CBD has a safe and wide range of amounts that you can give your dog based on its symptoms. So, if a dog has put up weights or lost a few, the amount of CBD you were providing him earlier won’t be much different. The recommended dosage is 5 mg CBD/kg or 5 mg per 2.2 lbs. for dogs. Talk to your vet before administering anything to dogs.

CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator

Research has shown people using marijuana for anxiety, pain, seizures, or even cancer. The cases have achieved success as well. Therefore, people are now considering using CBD Oil For Dogs Dose Calculator or different CBD products with marijuana to treat their pets with the same ailments. In some places, even veterinarians are recommending these products for the welfare of pets.

CBD has been declared to be safe for pets, but the correct dosage has to be monitored. Sometimes there can be issues with the current medications or supplements taken by the pet and the dose of CBD taken together. The right person to suggest to you on the effective combination of the two is your veterinarian. Some of the common negative impacts of CBD can be seen in laziness, a decline in liver enzyme production, or slow saliva production of the pets. Therefore, the CBD oil for dogs dose calculator is important for providing the appropriate dose to your pets.

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What is the appropriate dosage of CBD for dogs, according to the calculator?

As the common norm goes, lightweight pets are given a low dose of CBD, and heavy pets are given a high dose of CBD. However, it is important to figure out the accurate mg of CBD oil provided to our little friends. The CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottle, but the concentration varies. It has been explained in detail below. It is usually recommended to be consumed twice daily, depending on the medical conditions or problems of the pet.

If the CBD oil bottle is 200mg (30ml size), then as per calculation, a pet weighing 1o lbs needs 1.75mg or 1/4ml mark on the dropper provided with CBD oil is to be given twice daily. Whereas, if the pet’s bodyweight is 35lbs, a dose of 6-7mg or 1ml mark on the dropper provided should be given twice daily.

CBD Dose Calculator For Dogs - Omnia Naturals

If the CBD bottle is 500mg (30ml size), then according to the calculator, a dog weighing 35lbs will need a dose of 6-7mg, or 1/2ml of the dropper of oil is required twice every day. If the pet is around 75lbs, then 13mg or slightly less than a full dropper of CBD is required twice daily.

If the CBD bottle is 800mg (30ml size), then on 75lbs body weight, a dose of 13mg or 1/2ml of the provided dropper is required twice daily, and with 100lbs bodyweight, a dose of 17.5mg or very little less than a full dropper of CBD is to be given two times every day.
If the CBD oil bottle is 1100mg (30ml size), then on 100lbs weight of the pet, a dose of 17.5mg or 1/2ml of the dropper has to be given twice daily, and for 200lbs of body weight, a dose of 35mg or a little less than the full dropper of CBD needs to be fed two times daily.

Why should you use CBD oil for your dogs?

One of the common inflammatory problems with dogs is arthritis. Most of the dogs suffer from this ailment at some point in their life. Research has proved that if given an appropriate dosage of CBD oil, it relieves arthritis pain in dogs. As already mentioned above, the dose of CBD depends on the dog’s weight and needs to be consumed twice daily.

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Another similar pain that our pets suffer from is intervertebral disc disease or IVDD. They experience pain in their back, and CBD here also relieves them from the pain. CBD oil can be used to reduce the regularity of seizures in dogs. In that case, their medication for seizure along with CBD has to be given in proper doses.

Likewise, they might receive some relief if they have cancer. Research is still going on its effectiveness for this disease on dogs. In the case of anxiety, the CBD products do not affect the anxiety level of the pets since it is not psychoactive. It might indirectly relieve their anxiety level by providing relief from other physical pain.


It has been said by a knowledgeable doctor that the success of medication depends on the correct dosage. Therefore, it is essential to understand the correct dose and then give it to your pet friends. The important factors for determining the dose of CBD are the type of pet, the physical weight of the pet, and the medical complications the pet is suffering from.

It would help if you always tried to keep an eye on the pet’s reaction after a few hours of the first CBD dose. Try to start with the minimum dose calculated for your dog’s body weight and then change accordingly. The CBD oil for dogs dose calculator will help you make your pet healthy and happy in no time.

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