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What are CBD Crystals? When CBD is formed, the component release many other plant materials. When everything has separated the thing that is left is the purest and healthiest form of CBD extracts. This form is 100% pure and provides several health benefits. It can be diluted or mixed with other elements to use. CBD users believe this is more beneficial for health.

With CBD oil being the most popular way of consuming CBD, people are less familiar with isolation or cracking. In simple terms, we are now able to isolate individual cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, and create CBD crystals. After extraction, the CBD will isolate itself through an additional cleaning process that removes excess plant material and all traces of cannabinoids found in hemp other than CBD.

Unlike other extracts, CBD crystals are at least 98% pure, which means that no other substance is present in your CBD. With CBD oil, the most common way to get it is as a tincture, but with CBD crystals, it can be taken in many different shapes according to your taste and preferences.

The purest form of CBD

With most CBD crystals on the market having 99% CBD purity and 0% THC content, CBD crystals are one of the purest forms of CBD on the market.

Are CBD crystals the best form of CBD?

Users of CBD crystals believe that only consuming pure CBD, and no terpene or other “unnecessary” components, gives a more powerful and effective dosage.

High -quality CBD crystal doesn’t contain any other ingredients, additives or cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The ability to accurately calculate and monitor the dosing of CBD is one of the most important benefits of CBD crystals compared to other CBD products.

Using CBD crystals to create your own products

Dabbing The most popular way to use CBD crystals is through “dabbing”. This is when you melt the crystal, then inhale the cloud of the vapour.

E-Liquids You can also use CBD crystals to create liquids that can be vaped. Vaping cannabidiol allows you to medicate quickly and effectively.

Topical creams​ By melting CBD crystals into carriers like coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, or other skincare oils, CBD crystals can be used as a topical agent for skin care.

Are CBD crystals the cheapest form of CBD?

Compared to tinctures, oils and edibles, CBD is a more affordable product when looking at the price per milligram.


Cannabis extracts usually contain traces of other plant materials, but CBD crystals have been refined to the highest purity. As you have read, this form of CBD offers many benefits. CBD crystals are an ideal choice for those seeking CBD in its purest form. Click here to see our recommended CBD crystals.



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