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CBD Crystals – Definition, Usage

CBD is a natural cannabinoid extract of the cannabis plant. Well, this cannabis plant contains various other cannabinoids but the CBD and THC(tetrahydrocannabinol)  form the larger portion of this plant and are also known for their medicinal use.

Also when it comes to CBD extract it is far more influential in CBD products as compared to THC. This is because CBD has phenomenal anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving characteristics and thus can aid people to relieve all their muscle sprain pains, joint pains, anxiety issues, sleep deprivation, depression, itchy sore eczema, and psoriasis patches. CBD is a perfectly natural and chemical-free ointment for many of the medical conditions you suffer, while it may not permanently cure them but is very useful in easing your medical condition daily.

Pure CBD is still more beneficial and effective on your body but in most of the CBD products, the CBD extract used is not pure as it may contain traces of THC and other natural essential oils. Therefore you won’t get that intense and complete effectiveness from these products that can be achieved by using pure CBD in your body.

Read on further to know what are CBD crystals, how to extract its pure form, and how useful these are to your body’s health issues.

What are CBD crystals?

There are several processes of extraction employed to extract the CBD, they are the CO2 extraction process, steam distillation method, and the method of solvent extraction.

So now the CBD that is extracted from the above processes is either full-spectrum CBD or a broad-spectrum CBD  and so it does have traces of other cannabinoids such as TCH and terpenes.

Therefore whatever CBD is extracted is subjected to the refining process and the resultant CBD you get is the 98% pure form of CBD that is free from all other cannabis extracts and this is known as CBD crystals.

Now these solid CDB crystals are either used in the same form to prepare different CBD products or they are ground into CBD powder by the manufacturer.


Do they work?

Now these are just like broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD are used to prepare different types of edible as well as topical CBD products. Now as per the research reports claims are made that these crystals are found to be effective on your body  in the following ways :

  • Relieve body pains and reduce muscle and joint inflammations
  • Reduce nausea-like symptoms due to acidic reflux
  • Regulates your immune system to function normally
  • Relieves anxiety and sleep issues
  • Prevent severe seizures
  • Prevents the formation of tumors in any part of your body
  • Prevents you from any neurological disorders

But again some reports claim when CBD is combined with traces of other cannabinoids, its effect on health issues multiplies due to the combined health benefits of all the extracts of the cannabis plant. Now, these are only claims, but that does not mean that these crystals in their pure form have no relevance, they too prove to exhibit satisfactory results in addressing many of your health issues as mentioned above.

How to use CBD Crystals?

There are many ways you can include this purest form of CBD in your daily routine, be it in your foods, or your beauty care and also for medicinal purposes. You know how effective CBD is as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief agent, so the CBD crystals can be combined with other natural ingredients to make it an essential product for your skin, and body pains and also to boost your energy levels. CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD and also you won’t feel high when you start taking the CBD content in the form of CBD crystals.

Below take a look at various methods by which you can introduce CBD crystals into your daily routine.

Cooking CBD crystals

Now, this method of ingesting CBD crystals in your body is very interesting, where you can just add your daily CBD dosage to the meal you eat, but before doing so, just make these CBD crystals dissolve in the water and use that water for cooking your meals. But see to it that the meals are not heated at a temperature more than 170 degrees celsius and they contain some fat-rich ingredients so that your body receives the most out of the CBD crystals your intake on daily basis.

Consume CBD Crystals Directly In Your Mouth

This method is very easy and takes hardly a few minutes, you need to just keep the required dosage of the CBD crystals below your tongue and allow them to melt, and then you can swallow them and wait for a few hours to gain the benefits of these CBD crystals on your body. But see to it that at a time you consume a very small number of CBD crystals, then gradually can increase the number based on how your body reacts to the CBD crystals.

Creating Beauty Products With CBD Crystals

Now since CBD crystals have a  magical effect on your skin, which is beneficial in healing all the pores of your skin, healing the damaged skin cells, soothing the sore dull patches of the skin, and giving your skin a nourishing and glowing effect.

These CBD crystals can be the perfect ingredient to mix with your homemade scrubs, de-tan masks, nourishing moisturizers, and pimple creams, and use them to improve your skin texture and quality. These CBD crystals can also be dissolved in your commercial skin-care products to give effective healing of your dry and damaged skin.

Making Homemade E-liquid With CBD Crystals

For those who have an electronic cigarette, what you can do is make e-liquid from the required dosage of CBD crystals and a neutral solvent. Now you may think why not heat these CBD  crystals and inhale the smoke emitted from them, don’t do this by mistake as when subjected to heat, these crystals undergo a combustion process, and the products of the combustion are very toxic for your body.

So better smoke the vapor of CBD crystals in the form of e-liquid formed in the electronic cigarette. And if you feel that the smoke you are inhaling is very light on your body, add a few more CBD crystals to the electronic cigarette to increase the concentration of the e-liquid to get desired benefits of CBD on your body.

Vaporising CBD crystals

This method of intake of CBD crystals seems to provide quick and effective healing results on your body. So for this, you all require one dry herb vaporizer where you need to just preheat the vaporizer for some minutes and then add the required dosage of CBD crystals. The next you need to do is to inhale the steam that allows you to take all the beneficiaries of the CBD crystals to heal your body aches, sleep issues, and anxiety issues and relax your body and mind cells.

But for this, you need to purchase an appropriate dry herb vaporizer that can effectively generate steam from the CBD crystals.

cbd crystals

CBD crystals vs. other forms of CBD

Now CBD crystals are very pure and are achieved by refining all THC and other cannabinoid elements of the cannabis plant, so you can say these CBD crystals are 100% from THC, terpenes, and other cannabis extracts

But when you take the composition of broad-spectrum CBD these might contain few traces of THC or nil THC but they do contain other cannabinoids such as terpenes and so on.

While full-spectrum CBD contains only CBD and around 0.3% of THC.

So basically it is the composition that governs the different types of CBD and this in turn affects their effectiveness and range of benefits on your overall health.


Now you have a better understanding of CBD extract and its composition. CBD crystals contain 98% of pure CBD, so these crystals are very beneficial for people to want to utilize the sole health benefits of CBD alone and do not prefer to intake any other cannabinoids, especially THC.

But when you look from the other side you get to know that the CBD products that are made from broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD have shown better recovery results and are proven to be more effective on your body inflammations, body pains, and other health issues, This is because the broad spectrum CBD and the full-spectrum CBD contain a blend of CBD and some amounts of other useful cannabinoids which create a dominant recovery effect on your body. This is popularly known as the entourage effect.

Lastly, it depends on you to decide on the right and perfect type of  CBD for yourself.

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