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After an exhausting and stressful day, there is nothing better than a relaxing bath that can be provided best by the CBD bath bomb. CBD baths technically don’t differ from home spa sessions. CBD bath bombs help soothe the internal tissues, providing relaxation and fighting anxiety. You can get CBD bath bombs online for a pretty affordable price.

If you enjoy baths but haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a CBD bath bomb, what are you waiting for?! Bath bombs are one of the latest products to hit the CBD market, but what is the best CBD bath bomb?

CBD bath bombs

Without further ado, here are recommended top CBD bath bombs:

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD – One of the most respected brands in the CBD market. With 100mg of high-quality CBD in each bomb, these are the best CBD bath bombs for relaxing after a stressful week.  A range of choices (12) mean that Diamond has a bath bomb for every occasion. Our favourites are: Coconut Cream & Lavender, Snuggable, and Cotton Candy.

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Kush Queen CBD

With a host of different themed ambiances, these are the best CBD bath bombs when you want targeted relief. Kush Queen uses 100% organic essential oils, each developed from the terpenes of their respective plants.

Our three favourite bath bombs from Kush Queen are: Sleep – for rest (Lavender, Citrus Reticulata & Origanum, and Majorana), Relax – for mood (Lavender, Chamomile & Frankincense), and Relieve – for pain (Clove,Birch, Rosemary, Black Pepper, and Coriander).

kush queen relax cbd bath bomb
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Life Flower Care

Loving crafted with organic essential oils, flowers, and charged stone, this is one of the best CBD bath bombs on the market today – certainly the most luxurious, that’s for sure!

Whether a gift to a loved-one, or a treat to yourself, these bath bombs allow the user to experience a world of relaxation. We recommend their bundle set of best-selling bath bombs – Crystal Visions, Aphrodite, Flower Child, Sativa, and Limonene.

bundle most wanted
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Infused with 35mg of CBD, each CBD BOMB is formulated to relieve aches, ease inflammation, improve sleep quality, and more! The key ingredient (other than the CBD, of course) is the eucalyptus oil. The addition of this essential oil helps to clear the mind and promotes feelings of relaxation.

Our three favourite CBD bath bombs are: Purple Galaxy – Lavende essential oil, lavender & black amber fragrance oil, and topped with an amethyst point and lavender buds, Eclipse – Mango butter, cocoa butter, sage, juniper berry, and peppermint, and Maui – Jasmine, neroli & bergamot essential oils, and topped with a clear quartz crystal.

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