The Benefits of CBD for Pets Scared of Loud Noises

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Pets like dog and cats often gets panic attack or behaves awkwardly to loud noises. It arises a kind of instability in them and they start behaving strangely. If you want to help your furry babies to reduce anxiety try CBD. It calms down the stress and nerves that help them to be peaceful and calm. So consult a doctor before starting your doses.

CBD has a lot of different uses. In fact, we are just now beginning to see the scope of what CBD could be used for. Research is shown that CBD can treat conditions like anxiety and insomnia as well as offer pain relief when normal over-the-counter medications can do nothing. But one of the out-of-the-box ways that CBD is now being used is to relieve anxiety in pets. With that said, can you use Benefits of CBD for Pets scared of loud noises?

What is CBD?

The first thing that you have to understand is exactly what CBD is. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about the substance, so some people get derailed before they even try it. It is true that CBD is part of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is marijuana, CBD in marijuana are not the same thing. The psychoactive effects of marijuana are contained in a different part of the plant in CBD has no psychoactive effects whatsoever. However, the health benefits of marijuana still extend to CBD.

CBD and anxiety

When it comes to anxiety and depression, CBD has had extremely positive results. Normally, there are pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety and depression that are quite strong and carry health risks with them. In fact, both depression and anxiety are in the top 10 contributors to disability around the world with depression being in the top spot. So there are lots of people that suffer from these conditions and most of them are being treated with strong, psychoactive drugs that may have side effects.

But CBD does not come with side effects and has been shown to be extremely effective. It is also not addictive. Since there are no psychoactive ingredients with CBD, you do not get the high that you would get from the THC in marijuana. There have been a number of studies that show that CBD is effective for anxiety including a study of 24 people with social anxiety disorder who took 600 mg of CBD before a public speaking trial. CBD’s also been shown to be effective in children, but what about your pet?

CBD and anxiety in pets

Pets suffer from anxiety just like people do. There are many different forms of anxiety that pets can suffer from. Dogs are more prone to suffer from this anxiety than cats are, but both species may experience this condition. When a dog experiences anxiety, they may become destructive and tear up items around the house.

It is unknown if they are doing this in order to get the owners attention or if he gives them some sort of release from their anxiety. If your dog is tearing up items around the house while you are gone, then it is likely the former.

Not reacting well to loud noises it is another form of anxiety that your pet may experience. This often happens with dogs, but it can happen with some cats as well. You will notice that your dog is reacting badly to loud noises such as thunder if he or she tries to find a place to hide when these noises happen. You may also notice whining or anxious behavior before the storm actually starts. Pets are able to sense an oncoming storm better than we can.

But thunder isn’t the only kind of loud noise that pets can react to. Just taking your dog for a walk and seeing him or her react badly to a car driving by, a shout from the neighborhood child or any of the other millions of noises that happen on the streets every day can be painful. We want our pets to be comfortable and happy. We do not want them to be scared of every little noise. For one thing, it shortens their lifespan and makes it more likely that they will suffer from a heart condition or some other anxiety related malady later in life.

But the main thing is that we want our pets to be able to cope with everyday noises. Both cats and dogs can you scared when you turn on the vacuum. This is a pretty common problem, and in many cases this is perfectly normal because vacuums can be really loud and high-pitched which affects pets more than humans. But what about when you turn on the blender or when your microwave goes off to tell you that food is done cooking? If your dog or cat is experiencing anxiety on these levels, then it might be time to think about treatment.

The qualities that make CBD so effective are linked to the ability of the substance to act on the brains receptors for serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. Although humans are quite different genetically than dogs or cats, some things are the, and that includes the way that the brain works. That’s why it is not that surprising that research studies have shown that CBD oil is effective for anxiety with both humans and animals.


The bottom line is that if you have an animal that suffers from anxiety that there is a good chance that CBD can help. You can simply add CBD oil to their food where it would be mixed in and they would not even noticed taste. You can also give it to them in the form of capsules, but you will likely still have to take them apart and add them to food to get your pet to take them.

However, this is usually not a big issue and there is no doubt that CBD is effective for anxiety. You do want to start early, and not wait for a major event like a storm because it has to build up in their bodies first.


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