The Benefits of CBD for Tourette Syndrome (TS)


With Tourette’s currently affecting the lives of over 100,000 Americans, a solution is needed. Unfortunately, doctors are no closer to finding a cure for this life-altering condition. With that said, after years of trying to find a solution, some Tourette’s sufferers are now turning to CBD for Tourette Syndrome.

What is Tourette Syndrome?

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder that causes a person to make involuntary movements and vocalizations, which are known as tics. These tics typically start from a young age, and then usually stay with the individual throughout their whole life.

Tourette’s holds no prejudices to the gender or ethnicity to those it affects. However, TS is found more commonly in young males. The exact cause of this unfair condition isn’t known. It’s a complex disorder likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Are there currently any treatments for Tourette’s?

Unfortunately, there is no current cure or solution for Tourette Syndrome. The medications given by the doctors to treat this condition might restrain some movements, but they are often associated with negative side effects, such as weight gain.

In search of the cure for Tourette’s, more drastic methods are developed. One such method is deep brain stimulation, which is essentially surgery on the brain. However, this can be very expensive and come with no guarantees.

Using CBD for Tourette Syndrome (TS)

CBD oil is one of many chemicals that can be found in the cannabis plant. To create CBD products, the compound is extracted and infused in oil – in which, a lot of people use for the relief of inflammation, depression, anxiety, seizures, general pain, spasms, and more.  CBD oil is a solution to many conditions, but can CBD oil reduce tics?

There are several studies that show some promising benefits of using cannabinoids for Tourette’s. The results vary, but usage of CBD oil typically reduces the severity and frequency of tics.

Recently, Canadian researchers reported results from an evaluation on the effectiveness of cannabis in 19 adults with Tourette’s. On average, the results showed a total tic reduction of 60%, with 95% of patients being rated as “much improved”.

At the time of writing, a trial is being conducted by Wesley Medical Research in Brisbane. The trial involves researching the effects of a medicinal cannabis product in 24 adults with severe Tourette Syndrome (TS). “There is already early evidence to support the successful treatment of Tourette’s syndrome with cannabinoids” said Professor Iain McGregor, Academic Director of the Lambert Initiative. “This clinical trial could have a major impact and greatly improve the lives of those living with Tourette’s syndrome.”

There needs to be more research done on how CBD benefits people with Tourette Syndrome. As cannabinoids become more popular, more studies should be conducted, which will hopefully lead to better lives for many.

What Are People Saying?

u/Piscean_Gemini Read More
“In me, it isn’t a total elimination of the tics and/or the need to tic; more that it’s a sort of mental calming to the point I feel I have more solid control of the movements. It is, by far, the most reliable source of relief and suppression I’ve had the fortune of using, because I was on prescription medications for about 15 years. I was on them from age 5 to about 19-20”.
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“I actually have found something that helps my tourettes. After all these years. CBD oil, its basically cannabis oil. It doesnt stop the tics completely but it keeps it at a level where i can function. I can live with small facial tics. Im so happy honestly I just wanna cry”.
@johntereick Read More
“Seeing a lot of mocking and skepticism thrown @ cbd lately. Worth putting out there that as a longtime sufferer of Tourette’s Syndrome who has battled with dozens of pharmaceuticals, CBD products are virtually the only thing that has helped ease my tics. Happy holidays!”


There’s no doubt that the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome are affecting the lives of many around the world. With such few solutions to TS, sufferers of the condition are now using CBD to lessen the frequency and intensity of tics, allowing them to experience a better quality of life.

Though CBD is not yet a standard form of medication, more and more doctors are giving to patients. CBD not only helps people with Tourette’s, but also those who are experiencing other conditions, like stress and depression. When it comes to Tourette Syndrome, CBD has been shown to decrease the frequency of tics, reduces the symptoms of OCD and ADHD, make the drugs for Tourette Syndrome more effective, and serves as an effective anti-insomnia tool.

Though there is a lot of research to be done about the effects of CBD on a person with Tourette Syndrome, some the anecdotal evidence is enough for people to get behind CBD and give it a go. Though CBD has been studied for its medicinal benefits, results will vary from person to person. As always, talk to a medical professional before starting or stopping any health supplement.

If you are one of the many people who are suffering from Tourette Syndrome, and you’re thinking of trying CBD oil, here are our recommendations.


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