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There are many instances that have proved the effectiveness of CBD works to make one’s body and mind stable. It is an actual solution for mental unstableness, anxiety, and panic. But the doses may vary. We recommend you to thoroughly read this article and go for medical supervision. You may get results by using CBD for panic attacks with a maintained dose.

Panic attacks can be extremely terrifying and even exhausting for those that suffer from them. There are medications out there that can be prescribed to help manage panic attacks, as well as a number of psychological techniques that can help when they occur, but one of the newest ways that researchers have found to use CBD. CBD has shown to be particularly effective in helping to prevent panic attacks and to reduce their severity when they do happen. Please continue reading to learn more about using CBD for panic attacks.

What is a panic attack?

A panic attack is something that happens both physically and psychologically to a person. It is a sudden surge of intense fear that can last for several minutes. People can go through life and have random panic attacks once or twice, but the most severe diagnosis is panic disorder. Panic disorder is a psychological term assigned to those who experience random, out of the blue panic attacks at any time. However, even with panic disorder, there may be certain triggers that you can identify that will help you know whether or not a panic attack is likely to occur.

Panic attacks can cause symptoms that are absolutely terrifying for the person that is experiencing them. Many people believe that they are having a heart attack, stroke or some other serious medical condition. Some people are also embarrassed by the attacks and avoid telling anyone about them, which unfortunately prevents them from getting the help that they need.

Some of the specific symptoms include heart palpitations, accelerated heart rate, sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, choking sensation, chest pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, chills, numbness and tingling and fear of losing control or dying. Some people may even have a sense that they are detached from their body.

Panic attacks and CBD

Luckily, there has been some recent research that shows that CBD can actually be quite effective when it comes to panic attacks. CBD is a part of the marijuana plant. However, unlike the part of the marijuana plant that contains THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. However, it does have a number of health benefits. One of those is in treating depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Depression and anxiety is the number one mental illness in the United States. Anxiety disorders affect nearly 20% of the population. Often, these disorders are treated by psychotherapy and medication. But for those who do not wish to engage in psychotherapy or take prescription medication for panic attacks, CBD may be a natural alternative. For one thing, it is completely legal to get CBD and they sell it in lots of places online. In addition, there has been a great deal of research showing that CBD is quite effective at treating mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Most of the research so far comes from animal studies in laboratory experiments. In a study in 2015 published in the Journal of Neuraltherapeutics, researchers found that CBD oil was a promising treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Since testing is just beginning, these results cannot be completely verified, but just about every laboratory testing study that has been done has shown that CBD oil is indeed effective. However, there is still a lack of large clinical trials which should come in the near future.

One small study had 24 participants with social anxiety disorder they received either 600mg of CBD or a placebo. They would take this medication prior to performing a public speaking test. The result of the testing revealed that the people who took the CBD experienced far lower levels of anxiety in the public speaking test than those who received the placebo. In addition, the CBD also reduced cognitive impairment and discomfort so that people could deliver the speech.

Researchers are also trying to pin down exactly how many milligrams of CBD are effective. For example, another published study showed that CBD was effective in reducing anxiety with a 300mg dose but was not effective with the 900mg dose or a 100mg dose.

But it is not going to be effective for everyone. A study published in the Journal of psychopharmacology showed that people who suffer from paranoid traits were not able to see an impact from CBD. The CBD had no impact on anxiety, did not lower their cortisol levels, their heart rate remained high, and their blood pressure remained high. In addition, CBD did not reduce responses to negative emotional stimuli.

However, there is enough scientific evidence out there now to show that people with anxiety should at least try CBD to see if it works for them. There are also thousands of anecdotal reports from people who claim that CBD has effectively calmed their panic attacks. As mentioned, it will not work for everyone, but for the majority of people out there, CBD may be an alternative to prescription medication or psychotherapy. For those that are embarrassed to go to a psychologist for treatment or simply cannot afford to do so, CBD may be an effective alternative.


The bottom line here is that there are a lot of people out there that suffer from panic attacks. While panic attacks are usually not a life-threatening issue, they can certainly decrease the quality of life and in some cases, they may actually endanger a person. Imagine having a panic attack while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery.

But if you can treat panic attacks with CBD oil and lessen their effects, then you may be able to get through life a little better. There is enough research now show that CBD oil is effective in many cases. There is no reason not to try CBD if you suffer from depression, anxiety or panic attacks. This includes disorders like social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and others.


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