Does CBD products help you with anxiety?


If you’re suffering from anxiety issues, consuming CBD products will help activate the serotonin receptors in your body that will eventually stabilize your mood and make you feel less anxious.

How do CBD products help you with anxiety issues?

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) has gained a wide range of popularity for its therapeutic effects in the past few years. It is deemed to be an effective, free from harm, and affordable natural cure for anxiety. While some people intake CBD products to calm their anxiety, others use them to treat severe mental disorders.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the brain’s way of reacting to stress and making you aware of the potential dangers ahead. In simple words, it is an emotion.

You may have experienced anxiety on different occasions. It is okay to experience occasional anxiety, but there are a plethora of mental illnesses that may cause regular and overwhelming fear and anxiety.

Possible symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Restlessness or nervousness Lethargy and weakness Increased heartbeat
  • A feeling of danger, dread, or panic

Anxiety disorders that CBD help to treat are:

  • Generalized anxiety Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Let’s have a look at some CBD Statistics-

Because of the hike in the popularity of CBD products, several studies stated that it is one of the best treatments for anxiety.

According to a 2011 study, if you will intake CBD before public speaking, it will help you to reduce discomfort anxiety. Another 2011 study showed that CBD products help in reducing anxiety symptoms in people with social anxiety disorder.

Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research of 2019, Approximately 45.2% could stop using benzodiazepines once taking CBD. 28.9% of users over age 55 found CBD extremely effective. (Remedy Review, 2020) 30% of people over age 54 reported CBD reduced their anxiety. (Remedy Review, 2020)

Many companies have started selling ointments, supplements, and other products made with CBD as a natural remedy.

How much dosage of CBD should I take for Anxiety?

The ideal dose of CBD products depends on various factors like your body weight and size, your tolerance, body mass index, the severity of the condition you are treating, and much more.

Is CBD legalized? The products of CBD are legalized across all the states of the US. However, before buying CBD products it is compulsory to consult your state law.


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