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TMJ is a health condition where the lower jaw muscle is misaligned with upper teeth, muscles, and joints, making the patient unable to use the jaw muscles. Due to its medicinal properties, CBD holds, CBD oil relieves the pain by easing muscle tension and inflammation. You can apply CBD directly to the sore areas or vaporize it during inhalation.

Introduction On CBD For TMJ

CBD is the most famous ingredient for health medicines in 2021. People are using it in candies, gums, cream, shampoos, cosmetics, and medicines. There are varieties of benefits of this plant-based herb. CBD is produced from the cannabis plant.

Some people confused CBD with marijuana due to the presence of THC ingredients. But CBD doesn’t give the high, unlike marijuana. It helps to relax our muscles and relieve blood circulation. CBD For TMJ acts on the endocannabinoid system and binds enzymes and receptors. If you feel pain in your jaw muscles, probably you are suffering from TMJ. With traditional treatments, dentists are offering CBD oil as an alternative for this disorder. TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder is a dysfunction that happens in your jaw muscle. CBD helps to relieve pain with its natural properties.

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What is TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint disorder is a condition in which your lower jaw is misaligned with your teeth, muscles, and joints. This misalignment causes a lot of pain and stiffness. The joint that lets the jaw move in a different direction is not in harmony with teeth and muscles. In short, there is a problem in the ligaments, muscles, and joints that are the hinge between the upper and lower jaw.

There is no definite cure available for this problem. Treatments can either soothe the pain or prolong the decay. Patients have been actively searching for an alternative to harmful painkillers. The painkillers have more side effects than the disorder itself.

A permanent method is to realign the jaws. Treatment includes reducing grinding and clenching of teeth during daytime and while sleeping. Provide painkillers for pain relief.

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Symptoms And Causes

The first and foremost symptom is pain in the jaw and face muscles. The pain could be a continuous, or sudden sharp ache. Suffering from TMJ may cause pain and other problems. This disorder has a lot of symptoms like stiffness, pain behind your ears, headaches, neck and back pain. Feeling uncomfortable 24*7 is one problem throughout the illness. But pain is also unbearable. It can cause damage to your teeth.

You will feel pain while talking, chewing, or opening your mouth. Stiffness will jam your teeth now and then. Yawning and smiling also hurt very much. The misalignment due to TMJ has a very disturbing side effect. It lets one part of the mouth develop more. That can make some people conscious of their looks. It can make your face lopsided. These problems can also disturb your social life and mental health.

There is now found the cause of why this happens. In some people, it can happen because of an injury. If in an accident or sports injury your jaw was hit. Some types of arthritis like rheumatoid can lead to TMJ. The habit of clenching their jaws and grinding teeth can also lead to TMJ.


Today people need an organic and natural alternative for a pain killer. People are opting for less harmful medications for regular use. TMJ makes you take medicines for a longer period. CBD in the form of oil or tablets can be used as painkillers.

It gives relief in pain naturally and it has anti-inflammatory properties. You can use CBD as an ointment. Directly apply the oil to the affected area. It gives instant pain relief. CBD can’t cure TMJ but provides a pain-free solution. You have to opt for surgery for a more permanent treatment.

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CBD is available in the market in the form of gel, spray, ointments, tablets, and oil. It is a natural process that helps to release muscle tension and reduce pain. It doesn’t affect everyone. Some could say they are feeling better after using CBD. Some could feel no effect of CBD. You can opt for 1500 mg for medium pain relief and 2500 mg for strong effects. It doesn’t cause any major side effects. Its side effects would be fever, diarrhea, and nausea.


CBD For TMJ has shown promising results in pain relief and reducing inflammation. It is not officially well researched yet. But doctors have started suggesting CBD oil for treatment. Chemical and harmful painkillers with a lot of side effects can be avoided. TMJ causes a lot of pain and reduces your capability to function in day-to-day life. Before surgery even opening your mouth can result in severe pain.

Taking CBD For TMJ could be a great alternative to those painkillers. Electro vaporization is becoming very popular for applying CBD. It lets you inhale CBD, for better results in pain relief. The most attractive factor to choose this medicine is, you do get habitual to it. It is a non-psychotic drug that doesn’t affect your brain functions. It is affordable and legal.
Be supportive if you know someone who is suffering from TMJ. It is a very difficult time for them.

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