Can CBD For Gout Pain Be Helpful?

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Gout pain is either hereditary or comes from bad food habits. CBD tablets, lubes, oils, and gels work on the roots of gout. The oral solution works faster by enhancing the blood circulation of the affected area. It works faster than other painkillers. It has no side effects. So it is always suggestive to start CBD medication to cure gout and pain.

Introduction On CBD For Gout

CBD is one of the most popular medicines today. It is still in the research phase and providing very promising details. This medicine is a natural and plant-based alternative for pain killers. It deals with our anxiety and stress and makes us calm. A study was conducted on rats in 2015 and 2017. It suggests that CBD helps in reducing inflammation. CBD gel reduces joint swelling and promotes posture control. Ayurveda has been using extracts from cannabis plants for ages to reduce pain in the body.

Gout Pain In Joints

Before we start learning about how CBD treats gout? Let’s take a look at what gout is? Gout is a form of arthritis. Excess of uric acid in the body reaches the joint and gets deposited. The excess of uric acid causes muscle tenderness, swelling, and redness. The uric acid crystallizes and gets hard, and feels like a poking glass in your joints.

CBD For Gout 2021 - Can CBD Oil Help With Pain Relief & Prevention?

The first symptom of gout is inflammation in joints, especially the knees. Other joints that commonly get affected are the elbow, toe, wrist, and ankles. The number of gout cases has been increasing rapidly in the past decade. You feel sudden pain in your affected area. It becomes hard to handle the lightest of pressures. That sudden pain can also be called an episode of gout. Dieting and fasting can affect your water level. Decreased water levels can cause an increase in the level of uric acid that causes gout.

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Gout pain in the body hinders daily activity and movement. The pain is unbearable. The affected body part will make it hard for you to move and walk. The synthetic and prescribed medicines from doctors have a lot of side effects. Also, your body gets habitual to those painkillers and sedatives. If you take painkillers for a long period, it can generate other long-term diseases. Plant-based and organic medicine like CBD seems like a great option.

What Causes Gout?

Gout can happen to anyone with a family history or due to age. But there are some habits and lifestyle choices of ours that are the reason that causes arthritis. High alcohol consumption and a rich diet can cause gout. Obesity and metabolic illnesses can cause this illness. Some medicinal side effects can also increase uric acid in your blood. People who sit for long hours can also get affected by this disease.

Age is a very prominent factor that increases the risk of gout arthritis. Your lifestyle and food habits reflect on your health.

How Does CBD Work?

Our body’s endocannabinoid system regulates the swelling and pain in the body. CBD interacts with endocannabinoid and to help with the inflammation and pain in joints due to gout. Being a part of the marijuana plant doesn’t make it cause any high. CBD has few to no side effects on the human body. It has only 0.3% THC.

Cytokines (pro-inflammatory proteins) are suppressed with the help of cannabinoids. This helps in the reduction of swelling and inflammation. Gout can cause pain in various body parts. CBD can help reduce swelling and pain in the body. CBD regulates blood circulation. It helps in reducing the root of the problem. For ex- if obesity is causing gout, CBD helps in reducing appetite to help in weight loss.

Why Choose CBD?

There is no specific research and studies to support CBD relief for gout. But there are success stories of people who have tried and taken benefit from CBD. You can use CBD in the form of oil, gels, lubes, or tablets. The most effective way is to use it in oral form. Oral product is to digest and mix in blood circulation. It provides faster results than other methods. You should always consult your doctor before starting the medicine.

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This treatment promotes homeostasis in the body. It controls and binds the receptors and enzymes. The changes can help modulate pain signals—high dosage results in higher side effects. So, people are turning towards natural medicines. It’s a safe and effective therapy. Take the dose slowly and in the shallow form to see its effects. It cannot affect some people. So start slowly on your treatment. Check the effects of CBD on your body.


CBD is an ongoing research product but very promising. It helps in the reduction of pain and inflammation in the body. Treatment of gout is not just harmful but very costly. CBD provides a natural and affordable treatment. There is lesser-known information available on CBD’s effectiveness.

The fact that CBD is a natural plant-based product gives it a high edge. People suffering from gout are in immense pain. Patients are taking steroids and painkillers to have some relief. Suppose CBD gives some kind of relief that painkiller gives. It is worth trying. If you know someone around you who has arthritis, I suggest they try CBD.

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