How CBD For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Be Helpful?

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Introduction On CBD For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CBD works best for diseases where there are only pain killers available for pain relief. Many diseases cause pain and permanently treating them is not easy. To get relief from pain and inflammation CBD For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the best to alternate these days. Synthetic painkillers cause harmful side effects to the body.

CBD is very popular these days. Manufacturers are using cannabis oil to make cosmetics, candies, and medicines. It is a natural way of pain relief and anti-inflammatory. Patients who are suffering from arthritis and muscle pain are using CBD as the main pain reliever. It helps in some of the psychotic problems like anxiety and depression. Ayurveda has been using cannabis plant leaves in different treatments for a while now. They have been used for their anti-inflammatory properties, pain management, and anxiety reduction.

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What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel or CTS is a nerve inflammation syndrome. In this syndrome, your nerve from elbow to wrist inflames and causes pain. It swells and makes it hard to move around. The nerve located in the wrist joint is causing pain. The median nerve in the wrist joins in flames and causes pain. The tunnel represents the narrow nerve in your wrist that is the median nerve.

The median nerve is damaged due to over-stress on the hand. It causes swelling and pain. Females are more susceptible to the syndrome than males. It could be a hereditary problem. You can become a patient of CTS because of an accident or injury.

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The numbness and tingling can run away from your wrist to shoulder. Sometimes it feels like burning and shock. The last resort to this is surgery. Doctors try to opt for different methods before suggesting surgery. With time this syndrome can make you lose your hand and wrist coordination. It doesn’t affect your small finger but your thumb suffers the most.

Causes And Symptoms

It can cause continuous pressure on your hand and wrist. Most jobs like software developers, writers, typists, musicians, beauticians, etc. They handle lots of stress and pressure. You will numb your hand and finger. Sometimes you will have sensations and tingling in your hand.

Pain is much more severe in your wrist than in other areas. The symptoms usually show up very late and increase with time. Fingers will feel swollen and you will have a weak grip. Tumor and cancer can cause CTS.

The pain medication can cause weight gain and blood thinning. That’s why people are turning towards more natural alternatives. Synthetic medicines away have a lot of side effects. Painkillers only suppress the pain, never cure the disease. Natural medicine like CBD causes pain relief along with changes in the root cause.

X-ray and scans are used mostly for the diagnosis of CTS. It is dangerous for people who are already suffering from big diseases. It affects more people with diabetes, cancer, obesity, and during pregnancy.

CBD And Carpal Tunnel – Know More About It

CBD is a part of marijuana plant cannabis. CBD when taken in pure form doesn’t make you high. There are lots of products available on the market in an impure form that contains THC. CBD is used on people suffering from inflammation, muscle spasm, and depression. It has properties that help relax the body and bind receptors and enzymes.

It is legal in the US and UK and will help in the recovery of your body. Its natural properties immediately make it a popular choice of treatments. Its uses have minimum to no side effects. CBD binds the receptors and connects with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to control pain. Joints have lots of receptors that cause pain in CTS. CBD directly affects those receptors and helps in pain management. CBD works like magic in neuropathic pain.

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Studies believe that ECS can stop your nerve signal by using a neurotransmitter that causes pain.


You have CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain. They take care of your mood, pain, immunity system, nervous system, emotion, and motor skills. CBD directly affects them. It works on the receptors and decreases swelling and pain in the body. CBD does reduce the pain. Wear wrist supports and splints during your treatment. Exercise your hand and wrist regularly.

Apply ice on the swelled part. Also, try physiotherapy and acupuncture as alternative therapies. CBD helps in obesity by reducing your appetite too. The right amount of CBD can do wonders for our body. The research is still ongoing in the field of CBD and its relation to carpal tunnel. There are no side effects of this natural medicine.

Most people intake CBD in oral form. They drink a few drops of oil and let it mix in their bloodstream. People use it as an ointment, gel, and capsule form. While buying CBD please check if the THC amount is less than 0.5%. Consult with your doctor first before starting any medicine.

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