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The Benefits of CBD for Atherosclerosis

In this post we will explore the potential benefits of CBD for atherosclerosis, and whether the compound can be used to treat the condition. CBD is one of the most prominent of the cannabinoids, and has a host of effects – many of which appear to be beneficial from a health standpoint. That can

The Best CBD Products for Sciatica Pain – (Creams and Oils)

Cannabidiol has become well-known for its medicinal properties, with the compound now recommended by many medical professionals. With that said, what is the best CBD for sciatica pain? Receptra Targeted Topical This is our best CBD cream for sciatica pain that covers larger areas. The product is easy to rub intothe lower back area, then […]

CBDfx Overnight Recovery Balm Review + Coupon Code

CBDfx Recovery Balm Review Summary CBDfx provide a wide-range of high-quality products, and the Overnight Balm is defiantly one to try. With 150mg of CBD per 2oz tub, we especially loved how soothing this product was. The small pot is easy to carry around, while the balm effectively worked to reduce inflammation and dryness. Thumbs […]

Receptra™ Targeted Topical Review + Coupon Code

Receptra Targeted Topical Review Summary Receptra™’s products are well-regarded within CBD circles, and we can see why. With 400mg of CBD per 1.25oz tub, this product is packed full of high-quality cannabinoids and other nourishing ingredients. It’s a yes from us! We’re also happy to help bring your cost down with our 15% off coupon. […]

CBDfx Hemp Cream Review + Coupon Code

CBDfx Hemp Cream Review Summary CBDfx is one of the highest-quality CBD companies on the market, and their Hemp Cream is no different. With 150mg of CBD per 50ml bottle, we especially loved the cooling-effect of this product. The pump-action design makes it easy to apply the product, while the cream effectively worked to reduce […]

The Benefits of Using CBD Before a Job Interview

To ace your interview, you need to be calm and confident. With CBD shown to reduce anxious feelings, are there benefits to using CBD before a job interview? Let’s find out. The power of CBD CBD is a substance that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is one of 100 active “cannabinoids” found in […]

Does CBD Lower Blood Pressure? The Latest Research Revealed

CBD has many touted benefits, but does CBD lower blood pressure? In this post, we will explore the role of cannabidiol and blood pressure. The cannabidiol compound was side-lined for years, owing to its association with the drug cannabis. CBD is indeed an extract of the cannabis plant, but unlike its cousin THC, it does […]

Endoca CBD Capsules Review + Coupon Code

Endoca Capsules Review Summary Endoca is one of the highest-quality CBD companies on the market, and their CBD capsules are no different. Available in 300mg (10mg per capsule) and 1500mg (50mg per capsule), these capsules allow for accurate dosing and consistent results. I’ve personally been using these capsules for over a year now – they […]
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Does Vaping CBD Get You High? What Does It Feel Like?

CBD – cannabidiol – is an extract of cannabis. This immediately creates a lot of confusion among potential users. Does vaping CBD get you high? Does vaping CBD feel similar to smoking a joint? In this post, we will explore whether vaping CBD will get you high, and just what vaping CBD feels like! What […]

Relax Gummies Review – CBD Infused Gummy Bears

Relax Gummies Review Summary CBD-Infused Relax Gummies are one of the most popular edible products in the CBD market. To be honest, we can see why. Diamond CBD claim these edibles are fun and easy way to consume high-quality CBD, and we have to agree. The gummies taste great and are effective at inducing relaxation […]