Willow’s CBD Story – A Loving and Nervous Dog

There are plenty of articles and blog posts that provide information on how dogs have the same endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, which help maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal healthy state…. This is not one of those articles.

My story is one of my own rescue pup; she is an absolute sweetheart.

My wife and I had shown interest in adopting a pet and had made a few visits to the local SPCA. We submitted a couple of applications and got to know some of the folks there, and one day I got a call. They had a puppy that they thought would be a great match; they invited my wife and me to come for a visit.

happy nervous puppy loves cbd

It was love at first sight for all of us. We adopted Willow from the SPCA in March of 2017. Her estimated age was between 9-13 weeks, so we gave her a January 1 birthday. She was (and still is) incredibly sweet, silly, and loving. Her worst habits include trying to sneak a kiss when she can get away with it and assuming everyone loves her as much as she loves everyone.

While she is a very happy and loving pup, she is also nervous. Typical triggers like the vacuum tend to get her anxious, but also she has an aversion to closed doors (we think she may have been separated from her mom too young and locked up prior to having been saved by the SPCA). When anxious, she doesn’t bark or get aggressive, but she will tremble and hide – it breaks my heart.

Being an advocate of CBD, I decided to try some for Willow. The next time I ordered CBD for myself, I ordered some for Willow from my regular company (they have a pet line as well). Sure enough, after a little while I started to notice subtle changes. She seemed to have more restful sleeps, and her body language demonstrated more trust with how she exposed her belly and more open posture when resting. I took these to be signs of increased comfort and sense of ease.

I won’t exaggerate, the vacuum is still the enemy, and perhaps to some degree I am seeing what I want to see. But if there is even a little bit of an increase in contentment, it warms my heart. I know she was and is a very happy dog, but now if she is a little less nervous then I am happy for that as well. Plus, since doing a bit more research, I found an amazing company that specializes in pet treats infused with CBD. So even if some of the benefits are in my head, I am buying her treats anyway, so why not get her the amazing treats she loves that just happen to have CBD in them?

CBD dog treats for pet heath

As a pet lover, I strongly encourage everyone to try some of these treats. CBD for pets doesn’t have to just be for anxiety and stress, they also have treats for Heart & Immune  and Joint & Mobility Care. Give a try for your loving companion and see how you (and they) feel

holista pet cbd for pets

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