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The resurgence of enthusiasm surrounding marijuana– or The Marijuanaissance since its legalization is coming at us from all corners: your local dispensary, celebrity influencers, medical researchers, and now the beauty community. The Marijuanaissance has not only brought weed back into the spotlight, but it’s shifted the fame over to CBD (THC’s more productive brother, if you will). CBD’s purported benefits have piqued interest in the beauty community, inspiring new product formulations and skincare routines of all kinds.

Until recently, THC was all the buzz amongst the stoners, jazz musicians, and surfers alike. Well, it’s time to move over, THC. It’s CBD’s turn to make its debut in the beauty industry, and show us all what its really got.

So, if CBD doesn’t get you high… then what does it do? Well, your local dispensary guy may have mentioned anti-anxiety benefits (it’ll chill you right out) and you may have heard celebrities raving about its pain-relieving properties for those long nights on the red carpet in 5-inch heels. More specifically, we’re concerned with the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD. For skincare, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can mean a host of benefits, including: clearing breakouts, regulate oil production, mitigate the discomfort of acne vulgaris, smooth the appearance of the skin, and fight signs of aging.

As amazing as that all sounds, industry professionals aren’t entirely convinced. Some claim The Marijuanaissance has simply provided a marketing opportunity for companies to sell products–slap a CBD label on a moisturizer and it will fly off the shelves! This concern stems from seeing “cannabis sativa oil” on ingredients lists, because “cannabis sativa oil” is hemp seed oil. When extracted properly, hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. If you’re loving your “cannabis seed oil” products, so say the skeptics, you’re enjoying other active ingredients, not CBD. Another wave of skepticism amongst beauty bloggers takes the criticism one step further: even if these products have CBD, there is little research supporting topical efficacy of CBD to produce the results promised by big-name beauty brands.

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Take a deep breath, just read the ingredients list next time you’re shopping for skincare products. The experts disagree with our skeptical beauty bloggers. Recent studies from experts in the fields of cellular physiology, pharmacology, and dermatology are advocating for the safety and therapeutic potential of CBD for its regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

Long story short, get yourself some CBD! For all ages and skin types, there’s a CBD product. Oily skin? CBD serum. Dry Skin? CBD moisturizer. Bothersome acne? CBD cream. Anxious about crows feet? That’s right, CBD.

To kickstart your new CBD skincare journey, may we recommend The Sagely Naturals CBD Relief & Recovery Cream. It is a deeply nourishing and luxurious skin cream that contains a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients along with highest quality broad spectrum CBD. Essential oils of Menthol and Peppermint are soothing and cooling. Use regularly and do more of what you love.

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